> Sagonne with Ruth

May in France can be chilly, but the time Ruth and I spent with David and Michael in Sagonne was memorable in many ways. It was Ruth's first visit since she and Morrie saw it for the first time in 2005, so it was a "homecoming" of sorts for her. The home is beautiful, overlooks a chateau, and has an amazing wine cellar. Fabulous meals are a short, lovely drive away. Even the new puppy, Albion, is a loving part of this magical place. Ruth positively glowed during the whole visit! Click on any photo to enlarge. To see the whole series, click on the first one and then click "next."

View from the "blue room"
Wine cellar
The "cave"
View of the moat
Too cold!
Our first dinner in Sagonne
White asparagus
Ruth and Albion tending the fire
Ruth's seat was always by the fire!
David, our sommelier
Ruth taking a garden walk
Door in garden wall
The garden
David's home
This is the right side of the house from the central hallway.
Albion in his backyard
La Tour's entrance
La Tour's interior
Ruth has arrived
Tuna roll
Cheese course
David contemplating dessert
David bought this heron sculpture after lunch
On the road to Restaurant La Tour
David with Albion
L'Esperance's library
Ruth thinks about the meal ahead.
Amuses bouches
David perusing the wine list.
Presentation plate.
Ruth's amazed!
Goat cheese ravioli
A vegetable martini
Main course
Chef Meneau checked on us halfway through the meal.
Michael enjoying the luncheon
Asparagus and morels
David at the table picked especially for us!
Tuiles and raspberries with eau de vie and raspberry sorbet
The happy party
Ruth and dessert
Mme. Meneau and David
M. et Mme. Meneau
Ruth with Marc Meneau
L'Esperance's copper pots